A once in a lifetime moment

After two weeks of preparation, training, planning, travelling and getting to know each other it was finally time. Time for (more…)

The Circus group in Sweden

The circus group’s journey in Sweden started with a walk in Stockholm after the walking in Stockholm they walked 5km to Flottsbro the (more…)

Thank you Mariehamn!
Åland Islands

The Visual Arts group traveled to Mariehamn in the Åland Islands, where they manipulated scrap into beautiful forms of art. (more…)

The Theatre group in Tromsø

The group arrived to the arctic in the evening by plane, and had something to eat before going to the camping place to get some (more…)

The Theatre group in Modalen

After the participants first met in Oslo Airport, the group took a plane to Bergen. In Bergen they had a chance to get to (more…)

Thank you Faroe Islands!
Faroe Islands

Dance workshop started in the Faroese islands – it was an amazing experience in the lush green hills and dark (more…)

The dance group’s second workshop day
Faroe Islands

The day started with the dance group traveling to a beautiful place called Saksun where (more…)

Thank you Akureyri and Hjalteyri!

Visual arts came together for their first workshop in Akureyri.

They worked intensively at (more…)

Theatre group meets in Norway

Theatre group united in Oslo on the 19th of July and went onwards to Bergen, headed for heavenly Modalen. It was not (more…)

Dance workshop in Bergen

The dance group had a very productive day, they had a workshop with the locals where they split up to two mixed group and one (more…)

Media group prior to the festival

The media workshop started with five of the participants in the media group, Arnór Björnsson, Erno Matikainen, Karl Magnús (more…)

The Dance group in Thorshavn
Faroe Islands

Most of the group got together in Copenhagen airport, ate some burgers and then traveled to the Faroe Islands. In the Faroe Islands (more…)

Creative minds revive an old factory

First stop for the Visual arts group on its Nordisk ljus 2014 journey was to Akureyri, North Iceland. Following a day of (more…)

Coming together at ”Hotel Kastrup”

The festival has started an all the participants are off to their first workshop. Most of them will arrive to Kastrup airport to (more…)

Circus group in Copenhagen

The Festival had started and the groups were all traveling to their first country to begin their first workshop and for the circus group it (more…)

The big moment on January 20th!

The highlight of preparations for the Nordisk ljus / Pohjoinen valo festival was at 18:00 on January 20th 2014. The names (more…)

Spreading the word, Nordisk Ljus 2014

Nordisk ljus 2014 promotional video published in early 2013 and has been viewed since then almost 200.000 times within (more…)

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